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For Sale 

Model: 2CV

Price: $33,000

KM: 32000km

Imported in 1983

Contact: Noel Robinson 0414774911


For Sale 



For Sale   2003 Citroen C5 Hatch.SX 16Valve Rare 5 Speed Manual.  $3750.00
2 litre 16 valve petrol motor runs on Standard unleaded petrol. Leather electric seats, sunroof, dual zone climate control, Hydractive 3+ Suspension, (Sports option).
Registered No 180 TKW expires 6/5/2019 with 185k kilometres recorded. The car has been fitted with ultra light alloy factory rims, is in good order and a delight to drive, responsive and quick.
Recent work includes disc rotors and pads, timing belt, water pump, tensioner and idler and more recently a full clutch kit and flywheel surface grind and full engine service. The paint clear coat is in good order except for two small spots caused by everybody’s favourite flying vermin, flying foxes. Maintained by an enthusiastic Citroen car club member.The car is in Brisbane Mob.0428 550855. 

This is a first series C5 and unfortunately so many of this series are being taken off the road due to the failure of their 4 speed automatic gearbox and the fact that they not an economic proposition to repair, it therefore follows that if this car is carefully maintained it is heading toward being a collectors car

Why is it for sale, too many cars and not enough room

For Sale Big 6 – Contact Craig Ford

TEL-  0478125890





For Sale 1972 Citroen SM – Contact Adam Lewis


Adam Lewis
m: 0402 000 333
h: (07) 3890 4450