Fully restored,dark green body,black mudguards

Currently unregistered, previously on club plates

Phone 0354431662—Darrell Tonkin-Bendigo Vic.

This is a 1922 single seat with a dicky seat Citroen all fully restored by myself .The total wooden

body has been rebuilt using airdried Vic Ash and then stained . Where possible the original metal

panels were used but new ones were made as required

When the metal was completed it was fully assembled and then taken apart again before painting

I made a steamer to bend the hood bows ,and then was fortunate to locate a very experienced

tradesman who specialized in manufacturing hoods and seats in vintage cars, using only the very

best materials

He did a fantastic job and was happy to incorporate the Citroen emblem on the inside door panels

and on the spare tyre cover

The brakes have moulded linings and the drums have been skinned to suit

It has new tyres and tubes,a new battery and the original hand book

There is also a Tech bookshop manual on 82 Citroens, another large book on early Citroen cars,and

another on10 HP Citroen 82 half track

Attached to the car is a vintage spotlight

Spares that come with the car include:

3 b2 Motors

6 Magnetoes

1 Citroen jack

1 running board expanding rack

1 B2 radiator

2 B2 oil cans

3 B2 headlights and glass

1 rubber universal joint

Spare carburetor and parts

1 Starter motor

1 Generator

1 Updated wiring diagram