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Teddie's Terrific Tour / Helen's

Happy Holiday to Dalby CIT-IN 2018.

Many people are showing interest in being part of CITIN 2018 at Dalby in Queensland.
For those who will be travelling from the Southern parts of Australia, we are inviting you to join us on "Teddie's Terrific Tour / Helen's Happy Holiday" to be held over 5 days / 4 nights.
Each day is planned to be doing some interesting things and seeing new places, as well as cementing friendships over shared morning tea and lunch each day, pre-dinner drinks and dinners each evening.
There is no actual cost involved to be part of the group, but some extra excursions along the way may attract a modest amount of money.
We will arrive in Dalby on Good Friday 30th March after lunch, ready for the start of the first event of CITIN - Registration.
Interstate people from all states (as well as Victoria) are most welcome to join us along the way.
You will need to book your own accommodation - we have recommended Cabin/Caravan Parks and some motels, phone numbers supplied.
Please make sure that when you phone to book the accommodation you mention that you are part of the Citroen group. 
Also keep in mind that Ian "Steelie" Steele is organising a post Cit-In touring trip for approximately 7 to 10 days.
If you are interested in being part of our pre-Citin touring group, please contact the organising crew - Ted and Helen Cross - 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
home phone (03) 9819 2208 or 
Ted 0400 59 2208 or 
Helen 041 935 69 63.
Looking forward to hearing from you........
Ted and Helen Cross - Citroen Classic Owners Club of Australia.
DAY 1 Monday 26th March 2018
Melbourne to Deniliquin
ACCOMMODATION - Riverside Caravan Park phone (03) 5881 1284
contact person - Shelley
At the time of writing there were 13 cabins available
DINNER - Deniliquin RSL
DAY 2 Tuesday 27th March 2018
Deniliquin to Forbes NSW via Hay
Forbes Country Club Caravan Park phone (02) 6852 1957
contact person Nick
Town and Country Motor Inn phone 02 6852 3444
contact person Marissa
DINNER - Forbes Golf Club
DAY 3 Wednesday 28th March 2018
Forbes to Pilliga NSW
ACCOMMODATION - Barkala Farmstay is a working Australian farm and also the home of the famous Pilliga Pottery. Phone  02 6842 2239
There are several different options of accommodation on the farm.
contact Rani or Maria
DINNER - At Barkala on the property, possibly as many pizzas as you can eat for $20 per person - or something else - to be sorted out closer to the date.
DAY 4 Thursday 29th March 2018
Pilliga NSW to Texas Queensland
ACCOMMODATION - Stockman Hotel phone 07 4653 1310
It is a country pub - 8 bedrooms upstairs and 5 motel rooms as well across the yard.
contact Amanda
DINNER - in the hotel dining room.
More accommodation across the road at Texas Motel, 10 motel rooms -  phone (07) 4653 1300
contact Eve


First update for the ‘Apres Cit-in ‘B’ Tour’

Please note the correction to the SPRINGSURE Caravan Park telephone No.

Correct number is:   4984 1418 

Apologies from Ian.   

After being a bit too slack over the last couple of months I’ve finally got things going. I spent today in maps, notes we took back in August, on the phone & even a couple of emails. Here is a guide of what is planned. Remember it will be school hols. so book early, especially at Carnarvon Gorge. Be sure to mention Citroen Car Club when booking, may even save you a few bucks!! I have asked a couple of places to find the local poet or Slim impersonator to join us around the fire in exchange for a few beers.
Mon. 2nd April, Dalby to Roma, 320km. staying TWO NIGHTS at Villa Holiday Pk. 07 46221309,    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tues. 3rd April, spending the day in Roma, same booking.
Wed. 4th. Roma to Springsure 310km. staying TWO NIGHTS at Springsure C’van Pk. 07 4984 1418,    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thur. 5th. spend the day doing a bit of sight seeing & visiting Emerald, biggest local town for miles. Also visit Sapphire & Rubyvale so the blokes can buy a few gems in exchange for a brownie points. Same booking.
 Fri. 6th. Springsure to Carnarvon Gorge 175km.. staying TWO NIGHTS at Takarakka Bush Resort. 07 49844535,
 Sat 7th. plenty of walking / hiking in the gorge to get off some of the blubber that’s developed from all the sitting in the car. Same booking.
 Sun 8th. Car’von Gorge to Mitchell. 320km. Staying at Major Mitchell Caravan Pk. 07 46236600.     There are artesian hot springs to soak a bit more blubber off a short walk from the park. This park is on the main road west so be sure to book early!
 Mon. 9th. Mitchell to Condamine. 280km. Staying at Condamine Caravan Pk. 07 46277179. Not a big place so not lots to see but the inside of the pub (across the road) is worth staring at for a time, several beers time actually. Be a good place to have a feed too.
 Tue. 10th. C’mine to Maleny. 350km. We have one room that our house sitter will be using, a couch & a verandah. Maleny Hills Motel  3ks. down the road. 07 54942551. Or Maleny Tropical Retreat adjoins our place, 07 54352113. I’ll even cut the grass to our fence if anyone stays here! Or if your after something really special there’s Lillypilly Cottages right beside us. 07 54943002.
 I also had another idea of spending a couple of extra nights & go to Rainbow Beach on the way home. Big coloured sand dunes, real pretty place. I just ran a traction run there, 10 tractions came. It’s a bit less than 2hr’s from home. Let me know if you would like the extra time away & I’ll do some booking, remember it’s school hol’s though.
 Please contact me by email if coming      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
  Keep’em up n pumping Steeley
P S.  It will be handy if those coming had a CB radio, hand held will be better than nothing. Also If you can get hold of three RACQ maps… Brisbane Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton Mackay Gladstone, & South East. they’ll cover where we’re going. Steeley





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